Aside from card printers and its consumables, you can also order card printing services online using Shop on Cue. We cater to every possible card printing requirement such as ID cards, price tag cards, bag tags, event cards, oversized cards, business cards and picture cards.


         ID Card 

                             For safety, security, and identification purposes, it is best to provide employees 

                         and students with ID cards. These identification cards let you easily distinguish

                         who is and is not authorized to be in or around your facility.


         Event Card

                        Events are incomplete without event badges. Aside from serving as an access

                        to an exclusive event, these event cards also function as your guests’ name tag

                        as they socialize during the occasion.


          Name Card

                         Shop on Cue’s business cards are made of PVC material instead of hard paper,  which is why

                         it is more indispensable than the usual business cards. Indispensable name cards make

                         your contact information readily available to  your clients.


          Oversized Card

                        Bigger is better. Oversized cards make texts and images easier to see. Usually  used in

                        events such as concerts and exhibits, oversized cards come in handy for  any application

                        which requires a particular information to be highly visible.


         Price Tag Solution

                        Make your food price tags look professional through our Price Tag Solution

                        cards. These easy to clean, resistant to cold and moisture black cards are especially

                        designed  for bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, and  other food



           Bag Tag with Loop

                        Bag tags, or luggage tags, are essential when going on a trip. Label your bags 

                        stylishly by printing your important contact details on a PVC travel tag.