Aside from card printers and their consumables, Shop on Cue also offers card printing services. We cater to every possible card printing requirement such as ID cards, price tag cards, bag tags, event cards, oversized cards, business cards, and picture cards.



  • Identification cards will help employers or business owners reinforce their security by controlling who can be around their facility. Furthermore, it is best to provide ID cards to employees and students alike for safety and identification purposes. Shop on Cue integrates maximum security and unparalleled durability in our PVC ID cards, making them ideal for both employees and students.


PVC Event Card

  • An event card serves two purposes: an access pass and a name tag for the guests. Organizing and facilitating an event can be much less stressful if the guests have an event card, more so if the event card is made from durable PVC material.

PVC Name Card

  • Name cards make your contact information readily available to your clients, thus greatly improving your business transactions. Made from PVC material instead of hard paper, Shop on Cue’s business cards are significant upgrades from the usual business cards.

PVC Oversized Card

  • Big cards draw attention to the most important details needed to be highly visible, making oversized cards ideal for events such as concerts and exhibits. Moreover, it’s a plus if the oversized cards are durable, especially since concerts tend to get a bit rowdy. Shop on Cue can produce durable, high-quality, and customizable oversized PVC cards.

PVC Price Tag Solution

  • Our Price Tag Solution can transform your food price tags into professional and even luxury-looking ones! These easy to clean, resistant to cold and moisture PVC black cards are ideal for bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, and other food establishments.

PVC Bag Tag with Loop

  • Securing your luggage when traveling is a must, and so bag tags and luggage tags are essential when going out to travel! Print your important contact details on a PVC travel tag and have them as labels for your bags.